Riordan Manufacturing Business-To-Business Database System

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Riordan Manufacturing is seeking a database system to facilitate web-based communication between employees and vendors to increase the efficiency of the materials purchasing process. Preliminary design estimates indicate that the application will include functions for current inventory management, automated and manual ordering, and order status tracking. The users of the database and website will include specified vendors, purchasing managers and personnel, and production managers. When this database project is completed, the application will provide the users with a real-time picture of the company's inventory and orders as well as orders which are being shipped. This database will greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Riordan Manufacturing's procurement processes.

Abstract 2

Project Plan 3

Project Risks 5

Project Resources 6

Communication Plan 7

Implementation Plan 8

Training Plan 10

Support Plan 11

Database Project Plan Summary 12

Riordan Business-to-Business Database Normalization 13

Normalizing the Riordan Database 13

Advantages and Disadvantages 15

Riordan ERD Overview 16

Entity Descriptions 17

Normalization Summary 18

Riordan Manufacturing UML Diagrams 19

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Database and Location Selection 21

Maintenance 22

Disaster Recovery 23

Appendix A - Riordan Manufacturing BtoB E-R Diagram 25

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Project Plan

The project's planned purpose is to provide Riordan Manufacturing with the necessary requirements for the successful implementation and maintenance of a database solution.

This database solution is intended to provide the company with better management and control of the company's inventory. Additionally the management and control will include a database plan to develop a Business-to-Business (B-to-B) website that will...