The Rise and Fall: Reflections II Arcade

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When the ingredients of equal parts of family, love, money, financial freedom, fun and excitement are all combined and mixed together, the outcome results in a promising product for a successful life. This recipe also requires discipline. It requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. Once the formula is integrated into life, achieving success is inevitable. As sole proprietor and owner of Reflections II Arcade, Richard Oscar has followed this formula and is living proof of realizing the American Dream.

Nestled in quaint Brigantine, a small town of 12,000 people located on the Jersey coast is where his business operated. From Easter to Thanksgiving, people from miles around would be lured by the electronic sounds emanating from the doors as well as the brilliant flashing lights encompassing the building. Although the arcade only operated on weekends from Easter until Memorial Day and Labor Day until Thanksgiving, round the clock hours were kept in peak season.

Games in the arcade included attractions to entice every person from age 1 to 100. The business boasted a variety of machines including kiddy rides, pinball, skee-ball, claw machines, roulette, slot machines, car racing games and fantasy football just to name a few.

With the arcade being the only establishment of its kind on the island, the demand far exceeded the supply. There was with virtually no competition, and the business required little promotion. In an effort to have some fun and excitement, once a year Rich would advertise. People from miles around couldn't help but notice an airplane pulling a 50 foot long streamer imploring upon them to "Play the best games in town...Reflections II Arcade...321 Brigantine Ave...Come one...Come All", all at a scanty cost of $1000. Patrons of the local diner knew from reading the placemats that "Reflections II Arcade,