The Road Form Coorain

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The Road from CoorainJill Ker Conway's life story is depicted in her struggles of growing up in Australia and moving to America to fulfill her ambitions. As a child she goes through family hardships of all sorts such as emotional distress through the death of her father and brother in the early part of her life. Jill's learns life the hard way and to contribute to this, Jill has to battle the influences her mother makes on her. Jill grows up through her many experiences of schooling, working, and moving to America in order to establish her life and follow through her ambitions. Her struggles are to find a place for herself in life and in school and in society and to do all this through the obstruction of her mom. In good intentions, Jill chooses to follow through her ambitions.

As a major part of everyone's life, I felt that schooling made a big impact and greatly influenced her decisions, especially while attending the University of Sydney. The new experience she dealt with in her college life and having to face her mom day after day made Jill feel a sense of pressure. The fact that she was unable to get along with her classes and college life and her mother questioning her studies made her become more ambiguous. Her mother never completed high school and so the pressure was greater for Jill since she probably felt that she wanted her daughter to have the best opportunity and fulfill her chances through education. Eventually, Jill came to the decision of dropping out of the University. The whole schooling experience pushed her to find a job and be able to work as a receptionist for a doctor in Sydney. During this time, Jill began to learn a...