The road to presidency of our 8th president Martin Van Buren.

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Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Buren was the eight president of the United States. He was a man of principle and dignity. He was truly one of the greatest American Presidents, in the history of the nation. He is one of the most commonly over looked presidents in history. Look at the image he chose, with great courage, to follow. He had to walk into the gigantic footsteps of one of the last founding fathers of our nation the legendary, Andrew Jackson. What a challenge; to convince our nation that he was a man capable of following in the image and likeness of the great Andrew Jackson (Mangil 163). He pulled our nation from the depths of destruction after the civil war, and now Martin Van Buren undertook the endeavor of maintaining the stability of our national situation. It is truly awe inspiring to think of the utter fear and self-doubt he must have been feeling deep within.

Martin was born December 12, 1782 in the town of Kinderhook, NY close to Albany, NY. He was the third of five children born to his parents. His father was Abraham Van Buren a successful tavern keeper and farmer he lived and worked supporting his family from 1737-1817. His mother was Maria Hoes Van Allen Van Buren, who lived raising a family from 1747-1817. His mother and father were both of heavy Dutch descent; their ancestors came to America in 1631 as landowners. They were hardworking, well respected slave owners in their community, and they instilled in their children the importance of hard work and education (Magil 164).

Martin met his wife in childhood, and in 1807 he had enough money and talent to marry Hannah Hoes the object of his affection for a majority of his life (Smith 9). Their relationship...