Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley.

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Rob Parson at Morgan StanleyThe very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet. -- Theodore M. HesburghCase Overview:The case of Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley sheds light at a situation which all of us at some point in time have lived and experienced. Rob Parson, is an outstanding individual contributor at Morgan Stanley, who in his honest bid to generate more business, inadvertently rubs people in a wrong way by going against the norms and the culture of the organisation. To make matters worse, Rob does not even have an educational pedigree that you associate with the people of that branch at Morgan Stanley. Rob's indifference towards the feelings of his colleagues and his boss, has now snowballed into a wider issue of branding Rob unfit for further promotion.

Paul Nasr - a senior managing director in the Capital Market services of Morgan Stanley, is in a dilemma over whether to promote Rob to the position of Managing Director of the company.

The immediate points that Paul has to consider are•People like Rob have very strong likings and disliking in an organization with the numbers tilting towards the latter rather than the former. Toppers - by definition are a few, so its difficult for Paul to democratically arrive at a conclusion.

•Rob is a fantastic individual contributor and is looked upon highly in the organisation as far as core professional deliverables are concerned. Parson has outperformed almost everyone who was at his position earlier.

•The colleague comments in the performance evaluations unanimously indicate that Rob needs to work on the interpersonal skills and the team skills. This clearly goes to show that Rob is certainly behaving in a way which is not the part of the culture in the...