Robinson Crusoe and the many trials he went through compared to the trials we must persevere through. Robinson shown with God like attitude

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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe was written by Daniel Defoe. The novel was first published in 1719. Robinson Crusoe tells the story of a young explorer who becomes marooned on a deserted island. His experiences on the island change his outlook on life. Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe as a combination of two short stories. Some believe Defoe used the story of Robinson Crusoe to portray himself in certain ways. The way he describes Robinson was as if he was describing himself after his wife left him, he incorporates the way it felt to being marooned on a deserted island to his divorce. In the beginning, Robinson Crusoe travels out to sea against the will of his father. His father would rather him stay home and work on his education, where he had security. Crusoe dreams of going on sea voyages. He disregarded the fact that his two older brothers were gone because of their need for adventure.

The story takes place in the 1700s on a deserted island somewhere off the coast of Brazil. As the story begins, Robinson Crusoe defies his parents and sets out to sea. Crusoe encounters a series of violent storms at sea and ends up in Africa. He sets out on another voyage and is captured by the Sallee, a group of pirates. Luckily, he manages to escape and board a Portuguese ship and sail to Brazil. While in Brazil, Crusoe purchases a large sugar plantation. After leaving Brazil, he encounters another storm in which his ship is destroyed and he is marooned on an island as the only survivor. Defoe describes the island to be fairly large in size and to have a small shore. The interior of the island is said to have many trees, wild pigs, other...