Roe Vs. Wade

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Abortion is a serious act performed everyday that takes unborn babies lives. There are over 1.5 million abortions that take place every year and surprisingly enough an estimated 500 women die everyday from having an abortion. Not to mention many procedures leave women paralyzed, sterile and left with severe infections. Today this act is considered normal and a means of convenience. Many women today abuse the rights they have to a "free choice" and have multiple abortions yearly and still continue to have sex. The thought of abortion twenty years ago seemed wrong, but now our society has become numb to the fact that we have killed-off a whole generation of innocent people. All of this started from just one woman protesting in court that she could not have an abortion at her convenience.

On January 22, 1973 abortion became completely legal in all fifty states. Ruled by the Supreme Court, every woman in the United States was granted the "choice" to have an abortion at her convenience.

Whether it be for rape, unprotected sex or even just an unwanted child the mother has the option to get rid of it. It was argued in the case, Roe vs. Wade, that abortion would be just as available as seeing a doctor. Their would be abortion centers in every state and that their would be no restrictions on service given to each individual.

In the case of Roe vs. Wade the argument stated that the only way for "Roe" to have an abortion in the state of Texas; was if her life was in danger due to the baby. This was not the case. Mrs Roe was a mother of two, previous to the discovery of her upcoming third child. She was twenty-one and was concerned about her ability...