The role of celebrities and their biased political views

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When I think of a role in society that celebrities play, I think of the word "role model". When breaking it down further, I wonder to myself how many celebrities actually qualify as a good role model? While many people think that celebrities play an important role in society by stating their social and political views, I believe this is wrong because celebrities often share a biased and uneducated view on issues and therefore they should not be allowed media attention to display their thoughts. I believe that the only role a celebrity should play is that of an entertainer, and nothing else.

People live in a world today where they are influenced by things that they see on television. Chapter two states that, "The relationship between theatre and society is complex because the theatre has so much potential power" (24). This statement is very true for the theatre and television, but the difference is that people choose to go to whatever play they wish based on their expectations of the play's content.

When people are just watching television, they can be caught off guard by quick comments during commercials, shows or news coverages that can stick in people's minds because they look up to the person saying them. Too often are celebrities seen speaking out their beliefs when I, an average American, have to constantly watch them on television because they are in the "public eye". I consider myself to be a well educated individual who stays informed on social and political issues. From what I see, when celebrities speak out about their beliefs, the majority of the time they are not thought out or well informed statements. That isn't the part that really bothers me, it's the uneducated Americans who listen to these...