Role of Information Systems

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In today's high-paced job market, having the right technology to get the job done more efficiently is of high demand. That is why having the correct blend of information systems to assist in this process is imperative. Information systems include many different resources and not just one thing. They include computers, the instructions to operate the computers, people to operate the system, and procedures for the people to follow (Nickerson, 2001). These components have played a significant role in my studies as well as in my career, over the past decade. With more user-friendly interfaces, learning and work related tasks have become easier.

My job is made up of two parts. One is our daily peacetime duties, the other part is our wartime duties when we deploy. I work in a high-tempo atmosphere and because of the pace of my work tasks must be completed expediently, safely, and on time.

Technology has had a significant impact on how this is done. One main factor that has apparently improved with the use of information systems is an increase in improved service to us as well as our customers. While at home, we are given base wide projects. Our customers are those that request the projects. The requestors are other base tenants. For example, one of the main buildings on base constantly ran out of room for their employees to park. The facility manager of the building put in a work request for a new parking lot to be built across the street in the empty field. We then assess the project to see how much it cost and what resources are needed to complete the job. With the help of information systems, we are able to use advance means of designing and implementation to get the job done expediently and correct.