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I watched "Rollie, Polie, Olie" Saturday Morning on the Disney Channel, first let me start by saying what a difference the programs are today than when I was a little girl (which lets say has been several years ago).

The characters are:

Rollie-7 yr. old son

Polie-The father to Rollie

Olie-The mother to Rollie

Zoy-3 yrs. Old, The sister to Rollie

Billy-The best friend to Rollie

The characters in the program are robot characters that are portrayed as children, and parents. The parents do not really have any roles other than to just be there. It was like they just put them on the program because all children "have" parents. The theme of the program is just based on things that children face in their lives and how as a child they would handle them. If all turned out well then they realize what it takes to handle those situations, but it is usually the process that makes them understand how things can go wrong and how things can go right.

How everyone has to take the good with the bad, things that children are going to face at on point in time.

Yes, I do believe that I would allow my child to watch this program because perhaps there are some things that children do want to know regardless of what age. Children do not know how to go about knowing things and some times does not want to discuss with the parents. Even if it is something that is not a big deal, but is just curious about. I also think that this program helps their imagination, and it shows that everyone is the same regardless of race, color, gender, or even a robot.

I really can not say how much time I would allow my...