Romanticism vs Neoclassicism

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im Semnarfach "female writers"

" The stylistic conflict of Romanticism and Neoclassicism

in Jane Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility' "

Verfasser: Basaran, Anil

Kursleiter /-in: Wichmann,

Bearbaeitungszeitraum: 08.05.2014 - 04.10.2014


1 Introduction: Uncertain Alignment of Jane Austen to a particular epoch 3

2 Direct side-by-side comparison of Romanticism and Neoclassicism 4

2.1 Burlesque-satiric "happy ending" 4

2.2 Elements of comic and criticism 6

3 Representation of two epochs in the protagonists of "Sense and Sensibility" 7

3.1 Elinor, the embodiment of "sense" and Neoclassicism 8

3.2 Marianne, the embodiment of "sensibility" an Romanticism 8

4 Hindrance by determination along the development of Marianne and Elinor 10

4.1 Criticism of the class system 10

4.2 Criticism of partiality 11

4.3 Criticism of the typical romance 12

5 Conclusion: Jane Austen, a patriot of Neoclassicism 12

Introduction: Uncertain Alignment of Jane Austen to a particular epoch

Ladies and gentlemen,

the history of humanity is stigmatized by literature, which has pervaded different epochs and reflected the degree of contentment and discontentment of the whole population, may it be in Germany, England or France.

In fact, literature is expressing the precious desires of a human being in two different ways: the flight from the ills of society and the cruel reality, and the domestication of his whole environment by demonstrating his superiority in aspects of technique and intelligence. In this respect, right now I'm talking not less than about the ideas of sense and sensibility, each a curse to his example. The two following terms create a contrast on several fashion style, may you call them Classicism and Romanticism or total self control and devotion to one's strong feelings and emotions. These totally dissimilar concepts are...