Rome's Imperial Expansion wasa two edged sword

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Ancient History Essay

"Rome's Imperial Expansion Was A Two Edged Sword"

Rome was an extremely resourceful community that, because of their innovative ideas, military leaders and expansion, was eventually turned into an empire. At the same time, it is through these that also turned Rome upside down; there techniques where always the same so it wasn't too difficult for any of their enemies to reverse their own maneuvers on themselves.

Over the centuries Rome has become an enormous empire since when it was a small province in Italy, to when it had overtaken Carthage, Germany, Parthians, and majority of the Mediterranean coast. This expansion overseas gave Rome the opportunity to strengthen its empire through war; but, as a drawback the Empire and the republic became unstable and eventually broke down, due to extreme losses during battles against Hannibal's army and the Gaul's. This expansion overseas made Rome a mighty Empire during the 200's and 100's BC Rome came into conflict first with Carthage, a sea power and trading center on the coast of northern Africa.

Although Rome may have been a strong military empire, they still had their weaknesses. Rome had fallen in defeat many times over the centuries, but they just kept getting straight back up and fought again and again. If an army were going to mess with Rome, they would have wanted to be sure that they could defeat them the first time around. Otherwise they would hunt that army down at any extent, to destroy them and make themselves wealthier.

The Romans would look to their empire as the instrument that brought law and justice to the rest of the world; in some sense, the relative peace and stability they brought to the world did support this view. They were, however, a military state, and they...