Romeo and Juliet the Balcony Scene

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In act 2 there is a very obtrosious scene when romeo and juliet fall in love. They meet at a capulets party which romeo got invited from mercutio. When romoeo saw juliet he knew he was in love. But Tybalt knew romoe was there so romeo left and went out side but stayed, and was standing under juliets balcony waiting for her to come out.

She finally did coem out and Romeo was listing to her then Romeo said stuff to her and they talked and schedualed a marry date for tommorw. That is my conclusion of the balcony scene.

But the next day they do get married but then Tybalt and Romeo get in a fight but Mercutio steps i nand its Romeos fault for Mercutios death. Then it is even mroe buig of a war for the Montagues and the Capulets and is it is war.

But all went well but at the end 6 ppl died in the whole play and it was tradgic but very romantic.Therefore it was a tradegy play with lots of irony in it and was very well written by shakespere.

I consider many ppl read this play even if people in school don't have to read it its very worth ur time and many porjects to do on it for extra credit to show your teachers and get points for showing her u read it.

Im sure she will be very pleased in u even if ur only in 6th grade i don't suggest it for ppl over 9th its to easy for u big ppl.