Romeo And Juliet: The Movie

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Romeo and Juliet: The Movie The movie translation of the play Romeo and Juliet was a major disappointment to me. This movie was made off the play written by the famous Elizabethan age playwright, William Shakespeare. The movie seemed odd and out of place at many different times. There were many unnecessary scenes that the movie could have done without. But my three main reasons for dislike of this movie are, the bad casting for the character Juliet, several missed scenes that were important to the story, and how the movie seemed to drag it's feet throughout the one-hundred and thirty minutes of its entirety.

The first thing you notice in this movie is the horrible acting by Olivia Hessey playing Juliet. Her crying and bawling is incredibly annoying. Just when you think it's over she will start up again. But, the worst part had to be that it was obviously fake.

It was really, bad acting on her part. This was not even included in the play, which, brings me to my next point.

There were many missed and added scenes to the movie. Some were unnecessary and some were. One unnecessary one was when the Montague men were tantalizing the poor Capulet nurse. There were many necessary scenes that were left out though. One of these was when Romeo suddenly had poison that he was going to kill himself with. In the book it explains where he got it and why he got it. In the movie he just magically has it. Another important cut scene was the plan for Juliet to be put to sleep for two days. The movie showed of no plan to do so, the friar just gave Juliet the knock-out potion with no point to it at all. But even leaving...