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Romeo and Juliet is a book based on a play by William Shakespeare. This play takes place in Verona, Italy. In this city, a major problem exists: two families are rioting. These families are the Capulets and Montagues. In the opening scene there is a fight going on. In this play there are many characters. All of them have similarities and differences. Two of these characters are Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo is part of the Montagues. Montague is his father, Lady Montague is his mother, Benvolio is their kinsman, Abram is a Montague servingman, and Balthasar is Romeo's servingman. Romeo is in love with a girl named Rosaline for awhile, but then realizes it's time to move on. He is not an aggressive person, but he has his values. If you mess with his family or someone he cares about, he stands up for them. He is also an open-minded person.

Juliet is part of the Capulets. Capulet is her father, Lady Capulet is her mother, Nurse is her caretaker, and Tybalt is her family's kinsman. Juliet is open-minded as well. She is not very interested in love until she meets Romeo. She is also a stubborn person. She wants to have her way and she seems to get away with a lot of things because she is the "baby." There are many similarities among Romeo and Juliet. One is being they are in love with eachother.r They both have had "love" problems in their lives. Romeo finally gets over another girl whom he loved and Juliet is finally open to marrrying because of her father's request. "For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night," a line said by Romeo in line sixty of act one, scene 5... By this, he means even though he was practically obsessed with Rosaline, he is totally over her, for he has never seen anyone as beautiful as Juliet. "Till Holy Church incorporate two in one," a line said by Friar Lawrence in line thirty seven of act two, scene six... This means on behalf of this church you are now married. This shows how much Romeo and Juliet really loved eachother. Even though Juliet refused to get marreid and was not into the whole "Love" thing, she still managed to love Romeo so much that they marry. Another similarity they have is comoing from families whom have problems with eachother. They are both open-minded because although their families dislike eachother greatly, they still look beyond the differences and fall in love.

Romeo and Juliet have differences, as well. One is coming from different familiess. One is their stubbornness. Romeo never threatens his family that he will kill himself or do any harm to himself when they say something he does not like. On the other hand, Juliet always threatens her own life when something she does not like is said or done. "Or if you do not, make the bridal bed in that dim monument where Tybalt lies," a line said by Juliet in line two twelve of act three, scene 5... She is saying that if this marriage to Paris is not prevented, she will kill herself. It always shows she follows her heart, even if it means taking her life. Another line to prove thi is "If all else fails, myself have power to die," said by Juliet in line two-fifty-five of act three, scene 5.... Once again she is threatening her life just so she does not have to marry Paris. Romeo never threatens his life, except to prove his love for Juliet. Even when Tybalt wants to fight Romeo, he refuses. The only reason he gets into the fight later is because his friend Mercutio is killed and Romeo decides to stand up for him.

These are just some of the many differences and similarities of Romeo and Juliet in the play. Despite their differences, Romeo and Juliet end up marrying in this play and secretly having their lovelife. They go through obstacles and still keep their love until fights are brought up and people die. Although Romeo and Juliet both die in the play, the good outcome is the quarrels among the families ending.