Romeo and Juliet Notes

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Romeo and Juliet Notes


Characters: Lady Capulet, Escalus (Prince), Sampson, Tybalt, Montague, Gregory, Citizens, Lady Montague, Abraham, Capulet, Romeo, and Benvolio

Gregory and Sampson are joking around about each other of the Montagues

A fight between Capulet's men and Montague's men

Benvolio shows up and try's to break up the fight

Tybalt comes and Benvolio wants his help but Tybalt refuses to help

Tybalt an Benvolio fight

Citizens come up

Capulet and Lady Capulet and Montague and Lady Montague come out

Capulet wants to fight the Montagues and Montague want to fight the Capulets

Prince comes in and commands them to stop fighting

Prince Escalus tells the Capulets and Montagues that if a fight breaks out again the penalty will be death

Afterwards Montague asks Benvolio who started the fight

Benvolio answered that he did not know only that he came and saw the fighting

Lady Montague asks where Romeo is and says that she is glad that he wasn't at the feud

Benvolio says that he saw Romeo that morning but he ran of before he could talk to him

They talk about how Romeo is depressed

Romeo shows up and Benvolio try's to talk to him

They talk to each other and Romeo confesses that he is in love with a woman that he cannot be with

Benvolio feels bad for Romeo

Romeo tells him the she has Diana's wit

They talk about the problem and Benvolio tells hi to think about other things

Romeo refuses and says he cant

Benvolio says he will help him forget die in debt


Characters: Benvolio, Romeo, Capulet, Paris, Servant

Capulet, Paris, and servant enter

Capulet says that if a fight happens between a Montague and a Capulet again not only will...