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Tragedy Strikes again - with Trinity Catholic Colleges Romeo and JulietThis year Trinity Catholic College's annual production was Romeo and Juliet, directed by Peter Derrett and Genevieve Lewis, was absolutely atrocious! In fighting scenes the actors appeared to be dancing!"Romeo and Juliet" is set in a small Italian village, Palermo, in 1952. The play features scenes in Friar Laurence's church and the Capulet's house.

Throughout the production the actors played their parts poorly and unbelievably. Its astonishing that the same school that produced last years smash hit "The Outsiders", could produce something so lacking in everything! Dramatic tension was non-existent and the cast had the audience bored to tears in minutes!Lighting was sub-standard and fairly plain, with spotlights highlighting main characters.

The costumes were original and authentic, with the cast wearing, for the majority of the play, semi-formal wear. The Montague's wore red and white and the Capulet's wore black.

The set features a tilted stage with towers on either side decorated with fake plants. In the beginning the two families are situated on either side on their own tower, symbolizing the division between families.

The over-use of non-allergic smoke (which was used to symbolize confusion) had a derogatory effect to the play.

The poor music was barely tolerable and was directed by the brilliant Michael Marlin. Jude Magee also helped in the directing off the music. The sub-standard music featured vocals, piano, drums and guitar.

The two main actors were badly chosen and neither managed to captivate the audience. Many of the actors seemed nervous and often talked so fast it was difficult to understand them. The play was a tragedy - literally, it had the audience bored to tears! When the actors bothered to portray emotion it was in unrealistic amounts, too much or...