"Romeo & Juliet" Movie Comparison(ACT 1)

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Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare has been a popular story for more than 400 years. In 1968, Franco Zefferelli made a movie based on this play. Soon, in 1996 another movie was made on this play by Baz Luhrmann. There are many similarities and differences found in these two versions of the movie. It is quite easy to spot these differences considering the time period each movie was set in. There are some parts in the play that are not present in the movies and there are some things added to the movies which are not mentioned in the play.

Firstly, the biggest difference is the time period of each movie. The older version of the movie is set in the late 1960's whereas the newer version of movie is set in the late 1990's. The other major difference is the use of special effects. In Luhrmann's version, the movie has explosions and gunfights and it does not rely much on the character's acting.

Zefferelli's version is the opposite of Luhrmann's version, it does not use any special effects but relies more on the character's performance. Even though there is not much of a difference in these two movies, there are a lot of similarities which connect the plot of these movies.

Some of the similarities in both the movies is the storyline, weapons, characters, and events presented in the movies; they are different but yet, they are the same in both movies. They both show the story; the only difference is that the older version is how someone would picture the play rather than the new version. Both of the movies have weapons. The older version has swords whereas the new version uses guns. Two different weapons, but they are used in the same manner in both versions...