A Rose For Emily

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Faulkner's " A Rose for Emily" and Yamamoto's "Seventeen Syllables" In Faulkner's "A Rose For Emily" and Yamamoto's "Seventeen Syllables," the authors explored the custom of time for women in the 1940's in America and illustrated the hardships some women had to cope with. Emily, the daughter of an elite family, remained unmarried. This involuntary state caused mental illness in the heroine of the story. In contrast, the heroine of "Seventeen Syllables" has disgraced herself by an affair with a man from the upper class. This affair led to a loveless arranged marriage in America. Both women will endure lives of hardship, resentment, and lack of respect from others.

At the age of eighteen, Rosie mother fell in love with the first son of one of the well-to-do families in her village. Secretly they met whenever and wherever to see one another. Since her family was poor, a marriage among the two would never happen.

When she learned that she was with child, a match had already been arranged for her lover. At that point, her family despised her. Having no one to turn to in Japan she wrote a letter to her sister threatening to kill herself if she doesn't send for her. Therefore, she moved to America and married as an alternative to suicide. One the other hand Emily came from a wealthy family. She already had the status of a wealthy woman due to her father. However, Emily never married. As a young woman growing up, her father drove all the young men away. As a result, she wasn't able to fall in love and get married. After the death of her father, she met a charming man name Homer Barron. Emily began falling I love with this man. However, he didn't share the same...