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Rudyard Kipling was born in Bombay, however he was educated in England at the United Services College. Then in 1882 he returned to Bombay where he started to work for the Anglo-Indian newspapers. His literary career started with Departmental Ditties, which was published in 1886. He was a prolific writer and he achieved fame rather quickly with his writing. He was the poet of the British Empire and the common solider, whom he glorified in many of his works and especially in his short stories. In 1894 he wrote "The Jungle Book" which became a children's classic all over the world. However one of his more in-depth and better writings was the book "Kim" which was done in 1901 and was about this man Kimball O'Hara and his adventures in the Himalayas. Some of his other works include: The Second Jungle Book (1895), Seven Seas (1896), The Day's Work (1898), Actions and Reactions (1909), and Thy Servant a Dog (1930).

He lived in England during the late 1800's and into the 1900's. He lived in England during the First World War and this influenced his writings. He wrote about the soldiers and how they felt and what they did but he also wrote what he thought about the war and that the war should not be happening. In last decade of the nineteenth century he was becoming very successful in writing his short stories and poems and was even seen as a successor to Charles Dickens.

The book "Kim" was one of Rudyard Kipling's better works. In this book he tries to give a longing view of India as well as give details about the different cultures. In "Kim" race plays a crucial role and this is why the white blood of Kimball is often referred to. It is...