"The Journey of Crazy Horse" by Joseph M Marshall III The book report was a summary and response/reaction paper to the Lakota History of Crazy Horse.

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The Journey of Crazy HorseThe first seven chapters begin by talking about the early years of Crazy Horse. These years are significant because it shows how he began his life before he went off to fight mighty battles and became known as an excellent warrior. There are many main points in his early years that lead up to him becoming a warrior. Starting off with his birth and childhood, how he learned different virtues, to finally becoming interested in being a warrior. Each time he was involved with killing a white man or protecting the Lakota during a war, helped him in becoming more of a warrior and leader of his people. Then he was also involved in rescuing people from the white man and by doing this, it had proved that the virtues he had learned have been helpful to him throughout his life. Each event he was involved in was more important than the last, all leading up to the legend he is today.

Each main point he was involved with helped him become who he was throughout his life.

He was born in 1840 and for the first few years of his life was cared for by his mother, sister and all of the women of the community. The women taught him life lessons throughout this time while at the same time allowing him to teach himself lessons too. He always had someone close to him to guide him in some way, shape, or form. The boy, who was named Crazy Horse, was given the nickname of the Light Haired One because unlike all other boys in the Lakota tribe his hair and skin were constantly getting lighter while he grew. Growing up, Light Hair was taught gentleness by the women and taught himself the virtues of...