How does John Marsden use dramatic techniques?

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Throughout the text ‘So much to tell you” by John Marsden, the character of Marina is created using various techniques. Marina does not actually verbally speak until the end of the text, hence Marsden including other ways to portray and develop Marina’s character.

One of the first ways Marina ‘speaks’ in the text is in her diary. She often writes in the diary, jotting down what happened during the day, what is on her mind and what she thinks is going to happen. We learn that Marina is envious of the girls she is staying with. She admires their clothes and possessions, wishing she had them as her own. In this way we learn that Marina is not as wealthy as the other girls, although as anyone would, she wishes she was.

Spotted through the text are flashbacks of Marina’s past, showing what she looked like, how she acted and who she really was before.

The flashbacks show Marina as a beautiful girl, fairly wealthy and nice towards others. The flashbacks also show that Marina is not very fond of her parents, mainly her mother, as she leaves a conversation she is having with her friends when the subject of parents arise. The flashbacks are an important way to discovering who Marina was and is, as it gives you an insight into her past.

Probably the best demonstration of Marina’s up-to-date character is observing the way she acts around others. Marina never verbally speaks to them, although she has many thoughts about them. Whenever they other girls talk to her, she does not respond in any way, rather she ‘ignores them’ or walks away. When the subject of acid or body disfigurements in general come up Marina is very uncomfortable, and leaves to be by herself. Marina’s...