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Running for my life Struggle effects everyone, but sometimes struggle can lead you to great places. If you don't give up and face the challenges all around you. Lopez Lomong went from being taken to a rebel prison camp to a college graduate, and a runner in the Olympics. Although struggle is shown throughout all of "Running for My Life", the literary devices, allusion, imagery, and metaphor portray the theme of struggle best.

Imagery is one the main literary devices that is able to show struggle. Imagery is when a sentence, a paragraph, a page, or even the whole book creates an image in your head of what is happening. An example of imagery in the book was when Lopez Lomong says, "My eyes were closed in prayer when the trucks pulled up. I saw soldiers pouring out of the back of the trucks. They appeared nervous, as though they wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible."

Imagery is presented in this example because the author explains the event really specific and if you use your imagination, you can get a decent picture of what happens. The author describes what is happening during the event and explains the face expressions of the soldiers. Imagery represents struggle because the soldiers aren't there to say hi, they are there to something bad. Lopez talks about the appearance of the soldiers and how the soldiers looked nervous. Lopez says, "They appeared nervous, as though they wanted to get this over with as quickly possible.

Imagery shows struggle because the author uses many adjectives that describe what is happening during the event. You can tell where he is because he talks about having his eyes closed in prayer so he's probably in a church. Then he talk about trucks pulling...