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The Russian Revolution was one of the wars that significantly shaped Russia. The revolution started because of Nicholas II or the czar of Russia. It also didn't help that Russia lost a war with Japan. When Russia went to war on the allies side during World War I, they lost to Germany because the allies had a major disadvantage. This in return divided Russia. The governments around the world were affected by the Russian revolution in many ways such as comminism, capitalism, and the Cold War. All this led to the downfall of Russia and it's revolution.

The Russian Revolution started in 1905. A major reason the revolution started was because on January 22, 1905, commonly known as Bloody Sunday. Bloody Sunday was a revolutionary event because of what followed it, not what actually happened. On January 22, a group of workers and their families set out with the backing of several officials to present a petition to the czar.

As they approached the Winter Palace, rifles sprayed them with bullets. This cruel act by the czar shattered what little faith the workers and peasents still held for Nicholas II, and sparked the quickly aborted "October Revolution." Another reason that the revolution started was because Russia lost a war with Japan. This devestated Russia because never before in modern history had a white nation lost to a non-white nation. This in turn caused rioting, strikes, soldiers deserting, and Russia's economy weaker.

Nine years after Bloody Sunday, Russia went to war with Germany and Austria-Hungary in World War I. Russia was an ally along with Britain, France and the US. Nicholas made himself commander of the army. While commander, Nicholas made many of his troops go into battle without weapons. He simply told them to take guns from their...