What's better; gas powered cars or battery-powered cars?

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In the modern world, the interest in electric powered cars grows. However most of the world's population already has CO2 emitting gas powered cars. Will electric powered cars ever be more popular than gas powered cars? Electric vehicles are clean, noiseless, light, however they lack power. Gas vehicles are just about the opposite; dirty, noisy, heavy, although it has good power output. The only obstacle in the way of electric cars moving on is the lack of suitable long lasting batteries to meet the needs of the everyday car owner. We have all the technology we need to produce electric vehicles, however the batteries are big, expensive, and don't have the power and range people need. Gas powered cars will be the main type of car unless we start developing batteries that are technologically advanced enough to use in a efficient car.

Basically an electric car has a rechargeable lithium ion battery (a battery that can move lithium back and fourth through positive and negative electrode materials in a battery making it rechargeable) that you would just have to plug it into a practical electrical outlet overnight and the next day it would be ready to go.

The car might seem practical, nevertheless it requires a battery ranging from $5,000 to $7,000 per pack, and a life span of 60 - 70 miles per charge. Due to the rechargeable batteries overall deterioration of positive and negative electrode material, the battery would have to be replaced every 2 years. The car itself ranges up to $6,000. The car itself plus the battery being replaced every 2 years, could be a massive amount of money to spend when you could get a small gas powered vehicle for cheaper prices.

The electric car might also look as if it emits no direct pollution,