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Air pollution

Two ofthese are the Clean Air Acts and the increased use of solarpower over coal power. By creating electric cars, the pollutioncaused by gasoline powered cars will be lessened. If thepollution is not ... ely throughout theworld.One of the more effective ways of eliminating air pollutionis the making of electric cars. The use of these electric carswould completely reduce the amount of pollution in the ...

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Benefits of Electric and Hybrid cars.

e impurity of our environment. The two prominent alternative fueled vehicles yet brought up are the Electric car (EV) and the Hybrid electric car (HEV). The ultimate clean, efficient car is the EV, a ... the Hybrid electric car (HEV). The ultimate clean, efficient car is the EV, a vehicle powered by an electrical motor, which is powered by batteries and controlled by an on-board computer. But there ar ...

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Gas or Electric????

is when car companies began considering an alternative for car fuel. One ingenious idea was to use electricity to power the car. However, when car companies realized the extreme price to manufacture ... a and continued manufacturing gas powered cars. However car companies should continue manufacturing electric cars, because they would clean up the environment, they are more efficient, and electric ca ...

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What's better; gas powered cars or battery-powered cars?

In the modern world, the interest in electric powered cars grows. However most of the world's population already has CO2 emitting gas pow ... cars grows. However most of the world's population already has CO2 emitting gas powered cars. Will electric powered cars ever be more popular than gas powered cars? Electric vehicles are clean, noise ... e opposite; dirty, noisy, heavy, although it has good power output. The only obstacle in the way of electric cars moving on is the lack of suitable long lasting batteries to meet the needs of the ever ...

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The Electric Car- One of the greatest inventions of the century

The electric car was one of the greatest developments of the last century. With this new technology, peo ... will cause unstable weather patterns. A change is needed to stop this damage. People will see that electric cars are the best way to help our environment.Gas prices are on the rise and oil reservoirs ... as continues to become less abundant people will have to find an alternate way of fueling cars. The electric car is a great choice for the future because gas cars will become too expensive to uphold.T ...

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Hydrogen Powered Cars

Mayor Daley who lifted it to his lips and took a sip. "It's not bad," the mayor announced. Unlike a electric car that uses batteries to store its power, hydrogen takes heavy duty tanks that have to be ... er, it is a basic electrochemical reaction that scientists have understood for more than 150 years. Electricity can be used to split water molecules into their basic components--hydrogen and oxygen. T ...

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ed that oil is unnecessary to power ground transportation vehicles such as cars and trucks. In fact electricity is just as effective for propelling vehicles as gasoline is. Due to "the major concern o ... "the major concern of air quality, energy diversity, and the innovation of the automobile industry" electric vehicles began to be researched and produced. Electric vehicles are now becoming the future ...

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Competitive Analysis - Reva Electric Car

Executive SummaryThe REVA electric car is an innovative concept that has been introduced in the Indian market because of the r ... eco-friendly car industry.1.0 IntroductionIn this assignment, the company taken into study is REVA Electric Car Company which is established in India. The company would be analyzed on its competitive ... down with recommendations to be considered in order to improve its standing.2.0 Company ProfileREVA Electric Car Company (RECC) is based in Bangalore, India and part of the Maini Group. REVA is the fi ...

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Electric Cars

Electric cars are meant to be economically and environmentally better for road way passage. Electric ... reate less pollution then gasoline powered cars making them more environmentally friendly. Although electric cars in shape are not much different then gasoline powered cars there are a lot more change ... red cars there are a lot more changes under the hood. The gasoline powered engine is replaced by an electric motor and then the electric motor is then powered by a controller the controller then recei ...

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onsumers on Alliance's entry into the alternative fuel vehicle market. This is better known as the "Electric Car" market. The "Electric Car" market is gaining wide popularity with e ... objectives. The objective of the plan is to gather information on how the public may perceive the "Electric Car." Press Release When writing a press release there are ten rules that every Publi ...

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Efficiency Of Transportation

er mileage to fuel consumed ratio. It seems the most efficient vehicle that is in production is the electric car. Because of the high gas prices and the signing of new emission laws, I would personall ... ate in terms of normal operation costs along with the costs of maintenance.The costs to maintain an electric car are tremendously less because it lacks many of the parts that an internal combustion en ...

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What are the differences between electrical cars and petrol/diesel fueled around the world? How can everyday life in a city be affected by these?

ticulates would be with the use of science. Science and technology are most of the time linked with electricity, which is the topic I will use. So the question is: what could be the ‘electric ... ll use. So the question is: what could be the ‘electric’ solution to pollution? Is it the electric car? To know if this is the best alternative we must first know how this car works and what ...

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Business Memo comparing 3 automakers

g between $12,625 to $26,225 (Chevy Vehicles by Category, 2008). GM is also working on the Volt, an electric car set to launch in 2010 for $30,000 (Electric, 2008).Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) was f ... r many opportunities for college graduates. Since the focus of this report is on fuel efficient and electric vehicles, the selection of jobs have been narrowed to specifically suit this criteria.Honda ...

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"Who Killed The Electric Car", Chris Paine (Documentary) Q: How do documentary filmmakers construct documentaries to position the viewer to respond in a particular way?

The recently released documentary, Who Killed The Electric Car, from the award-winning director, Chris Paine, looks into the debatable topic of who ca ... hris Paine, looks into the debatable topic of who caused the death of the revolutionary idea of the electric car in the 1990s. The documentary presents a one sided view, and through the use of persuas ... e car companies are to blame and it was only them who hammered the last nail into the coffin of the electric car's bright future. This desirable affect was achieved through the use of techniques such ...

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Management and Leadership

ng the most complex tasks done also such as putting a man on the moon or designing a more efficient electric car. Management is mostly seen as task-oriented, controlling and insensitive to people's ne ...

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Alternative Fuels

fuels; The Best Alternative?Scott J. McBrideDr. Cipul-WeberMKT 301TUI UniversityOctober 19, 2009The electric car has been an elusive dream of environmentalists and automakers for decades, however with ... the idea is attracting a new generation of entrepreneurs who are hoping better batteries will make electric cars practical this time around. Electric cars help fight global warming for the reason tha ...

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Demand of hybrid car in Malaysia

entional car is that a hybrid car contains two engines which are traditional gasoline engine and an electric motor and batteries. The concept of the two engines is the car uses a traditional gasoline ... batteries. The concept of the two engines is the car uses a traditional gasoline engine, as well as electricity derived from special batteries to drive the car. The batteries of the hybrid car do not ...

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