Sadam Hussein.

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Saddam Hussein is known to many as a sadistic tyrant. Few know that he received an award from the UN for his superior literacy programs. In Arabic, his name means, "The one who confronts." He was born in Tekreet in April 1937. His father died and his mother soon remarried. As a boy, Saddam's step dad beat him regularly. He grew up poor, not even owning a pair of shoes until he was twelve years old. At the age of 10, looking for an education, Saddam ran away to Baghdad to live with his uncle. The bathe party educated Sadam. Saddam first murdered somebody at the age of twenty-one. He was trained by the bathe party to be their assassin. At age twenty-two, Saddam opened fire on an Iraqi ruler. Years later, he hired the director of several Bond movies to make a movie that portrayed him as both a revolutionary and a bloodthirsty thug.

Fearing arrest after his assassination attempt, Saddam fled to Egypt for four years. Saddam went to law school at Cairo University. In 1963 Saddam was married to his cousin. He had five children with her. The girls Hala, Rana, Raghad, and the boys Uday and Qusay. Also in 1963, the Bathe party murdered the leader of Iraq and broadcasted the images of the dead bodies. Saddam returned to Iraq, but 6 months later, the bathe party was defeated but came to power again five years later. Saddam was appointed the Vice President of Iraq and the leader of the secret police. In 1969, Saddam took part in the public hanging of a few Jews in Liberation Square. The terror went unnoticed in the united sates until in the 1970's when Iraq put a trade embargo on the United States. Saddam defied the embargo and...