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For my paper I chose to write about Sally who is a very important character in the book The House on Mango Street. She is very supportive towards the main theme of the book and is similar to Esperanza who wants to be like her and is very supportive and caring towards her.

The chapter in which Sally is introduced to the book is fittingly called Sally. The chapter starts with a beautiful description of Sally and how beautiful the boys think she is. Esperanza deeply admires Sally for her beauty, makeup and nylons. Esperanza says that she would love to have nylons and be just like Sally.

It seem that, that is a repeating pattern in Esperanza's life. She is constantly drawn to beauty, and freedom but at the same time is ignorant as to the consequences of these traits. She still has not yet made the transition into adulthood.

Esperanza then tells about Cheryl, who was Sally's best friend. It seems that Sally and Cheryl got into an argument in witch Cheryl called Sally something along the lines of a bitch, or prostitute. The argument ended with a fight that ended their friendship, but Sally did not cry.

Esperanza feels deeply sorry for Sally while trying to relate to her. She is also defensive, she will not believe all the things that the boys say about Sally nor will she believe the rumors spread about her. Esperanza sees herself in Sally in the sense that they are both bound by things, Esperanza to Mango street as well as her sister while Sally is bound by her father's religion. Esperanza has to wonder if Sally is thinking the same things as she does. She wonders weather or not Sally wishes she could escape from Mango Street, and leave everything behind, and be free.

Esperanza wanted to show her paradise to Sally. A place she could go and not be criticized. A place where no one would care what she had done. A place where she could live with no one watching, a peaceful haven where Esperanza will retire to after she leaves Mango Street and would love to share with Sally.

In later chapters the book reveals that Sally's father is beating her. This Esperanza accepts as being true and pity's Sally even more so. Sally eventually gets married to a business man but Esperanza suspects that Sally did this as a way to escape and did not actually love this man. Esperanza in the end has to wonder why Sally did these things if they were so similar and what she herself would have done. But she always wishes that she could escape to her haven and take Sally with her.