Salvation History

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The Old Testament is made up of all the events that occured before Christ's birth. It starts with the creation story. It tells us how God made everything from the Heavens to the Earth in seven days. During these seven days, He also created the first humans, Adam and Eve. He created them perfectly in His own image and set them in the Garden of Eden. There they were warned to not eat from the Tree of Life. Satan took it upon himself to tempt them to sin against God. He disguised himself as a serpent and got them to eat an apple from the Tree of Life. God was very angry that they didn't listen to Him but that is why we are born today with a sin-nature. Luckily, He forgives us for that.

God then created a man named Abraham to become the father of the nation.

He wanted to test Abraham's servitude so he asked him to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Abraham was so obedient that he took his son up to an alter to sacrifice him like God had asked. But this was just a test, God didn't let him really sacrifice his son.

Isaac had a son named Jacob who had twelve sons. Jacob's favorite son, Joseph was hated by his brothers so they decided to sell him into slavery. Joseph became the governor of Egypt. His younger brother, Benjamin stumbled upon him so he set him up. He placed a silver cup in his bag so he would have to stay as a prisoner. He and his brothers reunited together with their father and everything was well again.

A couple years later, a baby named Moses was born in Egypt. He was suppossed to be killed so his mother sent him in a...