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"Ambiguous" means "not clear, and able to be understood in more than one way, according to the Longman dictionary. The book Ambiguous Adventure is about an ambiguous journey of a young Diallobe student who studied in the French school. Everyone who had read the book knew what Samba Diallo's Journey is about, but today, I want to go in a little deeper than that, which is to analyze the meaning of this Journey.

First of all, it is very important for us to know why the Journey is ambiguous for Samba Diallo in order to understand the whole story. I think the word "ambiguous" is strongly related to Samba Diallo's thoughts and situation when he studies in the new school and the university in France. According to, the book is the Adventure of how Samba Diallo balances the traditional African values which is Islamic values and Western values which are the knowledge he has learned in Paris, such as the science and the philosophy.

He is always struggling with the two different cultures and trying to find out how to remain a good Muslim but also to learn the new knowledge and accept the thoughts from the West. These "Ambiguous" thoughts represented really well when Samba Diallo is reading Pascal which is about the man of the west. In the story he was reading in the book, it says "The Road of his return began like a miracle an ended like an act of grace. The man of the West knows less and less of the miracle and the act of grace…" (p 96) In my opinion, this gives a hint of Samba Diallo's tragedy at the end of the story.

Besides to know how the ambiguous situation related to Samba, it is also very important to analyze...