Same Sex Marriage

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Same Sex Marriage






Same Sex Marriage

Marriage between two people of the same sex has been an issue over the last decades. Because of this, a lot of countries have their fair share of laws regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage. In fact, there are countries, which base their existing homosexuality laws to laws in other countries. There are also some countries that serve to influence other countries when it comes to homosexuality. Because of this, many countries have the same, or at least, similar laws to other countries.

In this paper I will take a stand against same sex marriage. I believe that permitting same sex unions sends the wrong message to our youth. However, I do believe that same sex couples should be entitled to the same benefits of traditional couples.

LGBT rights in a country enable its citizens to receive equal treatment without considering their gender or sexual preferences.

However, although some countries have the same LGBT rights, not all countries allow same-sex marriage. One of the European countries that allow same-sex marriage and in fact the second country to allow it is Belgium. There are actually no laws against homosexuality in this country. Discrimination regarding gender in employment, housing and other issues were resolved in 2003. It is also in that year that same sex marriage was permitted nationwide. Since there are no laws against homosexuals, homosexuals like gays and lesbians share the same privileges as heterosexual couples. Unlike in Belgium, there are only selected states in the US where same-sex marriage is permitted.

The United Kingdom is one of the liberated countries in the world. In fact, there are also a growing number of homosexuals in the country. However, same-sex marriage is still an...