Same-Sex Marriage

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Same-sex couples should not be excluded from the legal right to marry because they signify the same love and commitment in a marriage as a heterosexual couple. They fall in love and want to commit themselves to that person by getting married or having a family together, but the law states that marriage is between a man and a woman. Whether the law's definition of marriage changes or not, society should take in consideration that someday the law will change to better the rights for people. Why keep them from getting married for the only reason that they are attracted to the same-sex? All they would like to do is be who they are and live life's experiences like getting married, living together or having children. "What we are asking for is our equal right to marry the one we love and care for, just as non-gay Americans do" (Sullivan).

What is same-sex marriage? Same-sex marriage is a marriage of two people who are of the same gender. I feel marriage itself is a union between two people who are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Marriage is not only about love and commitment; it is about financial responsibility and financial benefits. The government recognizes married couples and allows them additional tax benefits. The insurance companies give group rates that are cheaper if you are married then if you were an individual. When you are married you have two incomes, which equals a higher standard of living. Same-sex couples do not have the opportunity to get married or share the benefits out of marriage. A man and a woman can marry with no problem, but when two men or two women want to marry it is not allowed. Only a few countries such...