Same-sex Parenting

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Same-Sex ParentingSame-sex marriage in itself is a debatable subject matter in America today, but dare mention same-sex parenting and tempers will flare.

According to the U.S. Census data, there are around 60,000 male and 96,000 female same-sex parents, totaling approximately 156,000 homosexual households in America. (Foust, 2004) Whose choice is it to say two women or two men can not be good parents to a child? Why is this subject so controversial? What makes a good parent? Are two parents better than one? Some may agree both a mother and a father should be the only way a child should be raised, but two good parents, no matter the sex, would be better than an unstable or abusive family environment. Children are the most important part of a family, right? There are many family types in the world, but none looked down upon as much as the same-sex parenting family type.

When public concern is based more on a homosexual couple wanting to be good parents, and not on the well-being of a child, something is wrong with the way the society is thinking. If the child's parents do not have support and acceptance, where does that leave the child? Religion aside, a good parent is a good parent. A family full of love and stability is the best family type for a child to be raised in, no matter the sexual orientation of the parents.

While a mother and father is the more known family type, there are many different family types in the world. A single parent is one family type. While most believe a single parent can raise a child just fine, how does one know the child does not long for another parent figure in its life? The most common family type would be the different-sex...