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Resource Plan for the Wellness and Fitness Project of Accenture's Sports Fest 2014

Resource Listing






Start date

End date



Gives strategic direction to align with the organization's business strategy

Helps identifying measurable success criteria that support business goals

Provides advice and counsel to guide the group's development

Connects to a broad network of relationships

Helps actively to identify and overcome obstacles and resistance within the organization

Supports the group through communication and visibility.

Has profound knowledge on the organization's operations

Firm; Good motivator

Project management

Budget management

Problem-resolution skills

Has interest on the project

Assess program deliverables and capture benefits



Leading, implementing, developing and delivering projects of significant importance to the operations and strategic direction of the Accenture.

Supervising and controlling the project ensuring the proper flow of the project during the implementation stage and that the project performance is maintained at the levels required to achieve success.

Producing a timely report of the project progress to the sponsors and review the project risks from time to time, mitigating as necessary.

Establishing strong working relationships with key partners and members.

Assuring the safety, health, and environmental standards are being achieved.

Managing the resources and working to budget on all the projects.

Initiative and Self-Managed


Innovative and creative

Works with integrity

Time Management

Cost Management

Quality Management

People Management

Process Management

Events marketing analysis and measurement

Coordinating communications

Events management



Overseeing the operations of long-term care facilities and the program policies and procedures

Working with management, coordinating various interdisciplinary teams to execute the clinic's policies, systems and agenda

Examining and coordinating various practice activities to guarantee the quality of the facility

Manages the facility's budget, mediating with other medical or non-medical staffs

Ensuring the efficient operation...