Sandra Lee: Principle of South Heights Public School

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Question #3 Why has the plan failed?

·The plan failed because many of the teachers had learned behaviours and did not have the desire or motivation to change. Strong existing culture that made them resistant to change.

·The plan was introduced too soon with not enough consensus among the teachers, if any and the teachers did not buy into the plan

·Many of the teacher's had been at the school for a long time and did not have a real incentive or motivation to change because of attempted failures in the past.

·Students came from homes with larger and deeper problems and issues than could not be solved in a few months with a limited plan.

·Teachers had not been to a professional development program in a long time and were not up-to-date on educational techniques and successful programs. This almost certainly hindered their ability to properly implement Sandra Lee's new ideas.

·Teachers were not satisfied with their jobs and had a poor working environment and were generally discouraged.

·Teachers did not have a strong support network amongst themselves within the school and many lacked trust and respect for Sandra Lee, their school and the educational system.

·Teachers did not actively participate in decision-making and did not contribute any of their own ideas.

·Sandra Lee tried to introduce change too quickly in the school.

·Sandra Lee did not have a comprehensive, coherent step-by-step plan or strategy. Instead the plan was implemented on an ad hoc basis.

·Sandra Lee did not respect the teachers' perspective or point of view to learn what had been tried before and why previous plans had failed--inadequate historical research.

·Parents were not involved and were not made aware of the plan and asked to participate to achieve...