Satire based on a Conditioning, in Brave New World

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Where am I?

Dita woke up from what felt like an eternity of horrid dreams. Cold sweat ran down her face as she pulled the covers over her moist flesh. The screeching of a record player could be heard in the distance. The memories of the dreams drifted away slowly as Dita got out of bed. She put on a pair of slippers. They had never been worn. The whole room around her looked a bit strange, but familiar. In fact, she could not remember anything but this room. Is this her home? Her brain tells her that this is where she belongs. Home. The brain releases endorphins.

On the other side of the wall, Jack Cane debates with his supervisor, Mr. Wanly.

"Sir, these people...they aren't living. They have no past. Their future is here, and here is nothing. This is not a life."

"See here Cane, we are providing a service for these people.

Without you remember what it was like before Universal Health Care Corp.?" Cane winces as his supervisor brings up such a horrid topic. "These people were leaches on their families. Taking away every ounce of strength, every dime left. Wasn't your Grandfather one of the Infirmes?" Cane winces.

"Yes, he had the disease." Cane said. "It started out with him losing his cap or misplacing the checkbook. Then, he started to forget who we were. My mother, she just cried after seeing him. Before he died, he couldn't remember his own name." Cane turns away, so his supervisor would not see the tears in his eyes.

Bryanna Hawkins 2

"Cane, you know first hand. These people ruin the lives of their families. Not just the way your grandfather did either. They get frailer and frailer, increasingly distant. It can kill the people that...