"Scattered," By Greenday, As Applies To The Chosen

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Scattered, by Green Day: friendship theme of The Chosen I chose the song "Scattered," by Green Day, to explain the relationship between Danny and Reuven. When it is interpreted in this way, it describes the period during which their different views on Zionism put a halt on their friendship. The song is about a lost friendship that, although faded, still holds meaning to the narrator. He talks about missing the friendship and losing a part of himself to it, and in a lot of ways the same thing happened with Danny and Reuven's friendship. I thought that the lyrics to the song well described what they went through, so I chose it to represent the theme of friendship in The Chosen.

The first verse of the song describes memoirs from the time during which they were friends, and how he has lost something since the friendship dissolved.

"Well, I've got some scattered pictures lying on my bedroom floor. Reminds me of the times we shared. Makes me wish that you were here," introduces the song as one about a lost relationship that is missed. "'Cause now it seems I've forgotten my purpose in this life. Well all the songs have been erased; guess I've learned from my mistakes," describes what he has lost along with the friendship. For Reuven and Danny, the situation was similar; they couldn't get away from the things that reminded them of their once incomparable friendship, and now that it is gone, they regret it and feel as though they aren't the same people without the other.

The chorus of the song is almost an offering to give up everything in order to rebuild the friendship. "Open the past and present, now and we are there. Story to tell and I am listening.