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Assessment recording and reporting

Assessment is a judgment of quality, in education, it relates to the testing and examination of students, teachers, and schools and at the end of the day the Government of the time. Whenever we enter into a relationship, whenever we do anything in a social context we open ourselves to other people's assessment. They form opinions of us, have a perceived image of us, or may instantly judge us. If they did not, then we would be essentially unpredictable to them: they would not know what to expect of us or how to behave towards us.

In informal relationships, we expect people to make assessments in the light of their own direct experience of us. People share their assessments about other people with friends: "What do you think of Ken?" and "How do you get on with Ray?" and "Have you heard the latest about Jim?" Gossip, whether, charitable or spiteful, is a means of establishing norms.

Assessing is viewed as primarily giving information to other establishments, employers or other teachers on succeeding courses. Assessment is not popular with many people, students do not like being assessed, teachers also do not like being assessed (OFSTED) (Appendix 1 shows an example of an OFSTED assessement), but there is no escaping the need for assessment as a means of recording and reporting information.

(See Appendix 3 for an example of a School assessment, recording and reporting policy)

Assessment in education can be divided into four main types of assessment

·Formative assessment

An ongoing process of assessment during a project or activity

·Summative assessment

Used at the end of a project or activity to determine the effectiveness of the learning during a project or activity when it is finalised.

·Norm referencing

The attainment...