Schools and religion

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The view that religion should be in schools, is a view usually put across by people of faith, and is not a general view. One seldom finds the opposite view presented you dont hear people asking for humanists schools. Certainly in the UK, where there has never been an issue of separation of church and state, and where religion has/was always an aspect of all national life. It has seldom been an issue where there is much fervour, but it has always been an issue nevertheless.

Those who say it should be in school, usually point to religion as a moral guide, and declaim on the lack of moral standards of the young people in schools who are brought up without a religious framework. Those who oppose it have yet to replace its moral instruction with anything systematic -e.g. the ancient moral systems of Stoicism and Epicureanism, which did not revolve around a religious message as it was.

With some 40% of teenagers in the UK professing either agnosticism or atheism, the religious authorities are exerting pressure on Central Government for the inclusion of more religion in schools, and for more faith-based schools to try and ebb the.

If you were looking for articles online, I would suggest the search phrase "Guardian religion schools" as one that would lead you to several useful articles on the subject.

There are very few arguments that a religious leader would put for not teaching religion in schools. Teaching the faith is a core belief of all religions, and generally every opportunity offered to teach it is taken up.

Sometimes, however, bad teaching or inappropriate teaching may be seen as worse than no teaching to some teachers. This is the only argument I have ever seen voiced by some religious leaders regarding...