Science and Religion. . . Sisters or Enemies?

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The rope was cut loose, and the huge blade started to fall. It glistened in the sun as it traveled through its track, cutting the air beneath it as if in slow motion. Then, it found its mark and it was all over. Blood sprayed in torrents, and horrified screams along with petrified gasps were let out from the crowd. The cleaved head rolled down from the plat form, down from its body. This head was the head of a man who dared say word against the church, words that disapproved religion and relished in science. But must religion and science always be enemies? It has been known that science and religion, especially when placed in the same sentence, are two very controversial ideas when dealing with one another. In fact, many conflicts among different peoples are argued over these two concepts each day. The reason behind this is that science and religion, no matter how hard people try, cannot be blended into a peaceful wholeness.

Too many aspects and controversies surround them. Science and religion are not compatible because science is one way of life while religion is another, religion is seen as a product of humanity while science is a product of nature, and lastly, science consists of the exploitation of the visible and physical world while religion is of the metaphysical and theological fields. One cannot intertwine the two together.

First of all, there are many ways to live one's life. Some people live their life under religion and some devote theirs to science. There are many different religions on Earth, and some are very different from one another as a cat is different from a mouse. Religion differs from culture to culture and place to place. In certain cultures religion is the state and government, like...