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Question: What system of thought-Plato's idealism or Aristotle's realism-do you prefer, and how might you apply it to your life?

From these two types of thought, I prefer Aristotle's realism rather than Plato's idealism. I prefer this because it is the most practical and why think other impractical paths when we have path that will most likely happen.

Aristotle's system of thought can work in many situations, except the fact might change when we learn new information about that topic. For example, how do we prove that all swans are white? An inductive argument could be that all of the swans I saw have all been white, but when I learn that there are swans in Australia which are black the fact changes.

I have used Plato's thought while watching sports games and believed that my favorite team will always win. I have also used Aristotle's thought in many situations when I was younger to be a realist by focusing on what my passion is.

For example, I stopped singing and switched to the piano because I found the piano very fascinating with a nice soothing sound. On top of that, I also had stopped my badminton & soccer to be more focused on basketball and swimming because they are my favorite sports.

When I was young during Christmas, my parents use to say that I was getting gifts from Santa for being good, but I used inductive reasoning and logic to eliminate reasons of why Santa may not be real. My reason for why Santa was not real was that it was really unlikely someone lives in the North Pole for that long and someone cannot be the same age every year.

I cannot imagine myself not having family and basic necessities that are...