How science impacted my life

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Science has changed and impacted the way I live in many ways. It has educated me about life, about marvels that exist in this world, and about the relationship between these wonders. Science has taught us all to expand our knowledge and covers everything from a very little thing like molecules to planets and the whole universe.

The first science related incident that sparked my interest in the world around me was in eighth grade when my whole class went to a planetarium to the American Museum of Natural History. It was a very exciting experience because I have never seen anything like that before. It took away my breath when I was seeing how the life on Earth and in the whole universe started. It was so realistic with all the sound effects and the movement of the chairs. After a field trip to the museum, it built up my interest towards astrology and science because I wanted to know if there is life on planets other then Earth.

That was the reason I signed up for the after-school courses in AMNH this year. I completed the "Brain at Work" class which was the second biggest experience which sparked my interest towards science. I never knew anything about human brain and it has always remained a mystery for me. After completing this course I understood that brain is like the main machine responsible for us, human-beings. This was like a mini introduction to neurology and it was a very exciting experience gaining knowledge along with meeting new friends.