The Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method is a way to document the results of an experiment. It is

the proper or correct way to write a formal scientific paper. It is really important that if

two different people on opposite sides of the world both do the same experiment,

they need to have a universal way of writing their research. That is why the Scientific

Method is so important. People need to be able to easily reference certain points in

other's research without having to search they whole paper for it, some of those

papers can be pretty long.

The Scientific Method was created by some guy along time ago. I'm not sure of

his name because I couldn't find it in my notes. It might have been DaVinci because

he was "A smart dude." There is also a good chance that it was Pythagoras, he was

also "A smart dude.¹" I do know that it was created a long time ago, because many

people have used it for quite a long time.

There are six parts/steps of the scientific method. I will explain them using the

oh so controversial bread experiment. This experiment is not very detailed and can

be done by just about anyone. You just take five pieces of bread and put them in

five different plastic bags and put them into five different rooms in your house;

Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Family Room, and Bathroom. This is all done to

answer the age old question; what room will grow bread mold the fastest?" The first

step in the scientific method is to Identify the Problem. The problem is that you need

to know which room in a house grows bread mold the fastest. The next step in the

Scientific Method is to Research the Background. Well, after about...