Scott Peterson: A Perfect Husband?

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Scott Peterson was born on October 24, 1972 in San Diego to Lee and Jacqueline Peterson. He attended Arizona State University for a few months before transferring to California Polytechnic State University. He worked as a waiter in a small café in Morro Bay called Pacific Café when he met Laci Rocha. On their first date, Scott took Laci fishing; she got seasick but later confided in her mother that this was the man she would marry. They became engaged in December 1996, and married on August 9, 1997.

Laci and Scott delayed having children for the first couple years of their marriage, but Laci started to show interest in becoming a mother. In December of 2000, they began to try. It took a lot longer than expected and they were ready to schedule fertility testing when the conceived naturally in May 2002. It was later reported that when Scott was asked how he felt about the impending pregnancy his response was that he "hoped for infertility", in contrast, Laci's excitement of becoming a mother was evident in the entries she had written in a diary throughout her pregnancy.

Their baby was due on February 10, 2003 and they planned to name him Connor.

Shortly after 10AM on the morning of December 24, 2002 a neighbor found the Peterson family dog, McKenzie, running loose in the neighborhood with a muddy leash. The neighbor returned the dog to the Peterson's yard where Laci's 1996 Land Rover was parked in the driveway. Later that day, Scott returned home from either fishing or golfing and Laci was not home. He ate some pizza, washed his clothes, took a shower and cleaned the kitchen. Around 5:15 PM he called Laci's mother, Sharon to ask if Laci was with her; when she told him...