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A Scream Upon

By: Alexandria Harris

A loud scream comes upon a quite house. Black crows scatters from the trees. No one knew who lived

in this house! The house would rattle in the night. Screams would peer into the night.

Group of teens would play around , daring each other to step foot upon this house. No one was

brave enough. A boy by the Name of Jimmy B who live two houses down. He was more then brave.

He would look through his bedroom windows watching that house every night till the morning.

He would notice the rattling, screams, and the slamming of the doors. He would also see the doors open

and close no one would appear.He had to see what was inside.

The next morning Jimmy sat through school making plans to walk upon that house. He tried to

include some of his friends. Their responses were " HELL NAH, You gotta be crazy and just a blank stare."

He was a one man band. As Jimmy walks home with the group of friends he prepares himself for what

he was about to concern. Being the bravest to walk upon the house two doors down.

As Jimmy walks upon the house he starts to hear a light scream. The scream grew louder and he

covers his ear while falling to his knees. His friends began to wonder what's happening. Jimmy is the

only one who can hear the screams. Suddenly the screams STOP! Jimmy slowly gets up from his knees

and look back and gives his friends a good thumbs up.

Jimmy walks up to the old wooden front door. He twist the knob and slowly pushes the it open.

A strong wind sucks Jimmy in and the door slams. He's knocked out cold after...