"The sculptor and the king" write a essay on native american art.

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"The sculptor and the King" 1888 by George de forest Brush is the painting out of the four I that I connected with. Having Native-American roots made this piece of art more interesting and personal in a way that only certain cultures can relate to. In this work of art, Brush's usage of lines, hue, and space gives the oil painting a more dramatic feeling. The image is of a young Native-American man and his king; they are inside a cave where the young man has just finished capturing the image of the king through his eyes. The king is slowly examining the stonewall carving. And the young man is eagerly waiting for his approval.

Brush did a excellent job using three dimensional, & isometric space, tertiary, Primary, and commentary colors, as well as contour, directional, and implied lines to give viewer the a detailed view into the cave and into the past.

When you look into the scene the lines give you the feel as if you are looking in from the side. The contour lines set up the boundaries of the cave. The artist uses directional lines as the boarder for the carving. This allows the viewer to easily make out and interpret the image of the king. If you look into king and the sculptor's line of sight of you will notice the usage of implied lines

The colors through out this painting are mixtures of reds, whites, and browns, which blend perfectly together to give a deep dark but beautiful stone color. The flooring of the cave is also an example of shading and mixing of color and also helps to provide balance from the ground up.

Brush also uses complementary colors such as green/orange in the kings clothing and headdress. This helps support the significance...