Sea Monkeys

Essay by ReeRee March 2004

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Sea monkeys

They're small, they're wacky, and they're going to take over the world! Well not really. But they are sea monkeys.

Ok most of you are probably wondering, "what the heck are sea monkeys"! And no they are not actual monkeys that live in the ocean. Sea monkeys are a sort of brine shrimp genetically altered to live longer. And they don't live in the ocean, cause if they did then they probably would just be called lunch! To describe them more clearly they are these itty-bitty shrimp looking things that are usually kept in tanks in people homes. They only grow to be a three quarters long. So you could imagine you'll need a magnafineglass or a microscope to see the actual details of them. Like their tons of little legs, or the hard protective shell on their backs, and the little inteni looking things on their heads.

Some of the sea monkeys, the females, have this brown egg sac on the bottom of their stomachs. Now the colour of them depends on their sex. If they are female then they are a yellow colour, if they are male then they are a beige-brown colour. The males are shorter and wide and the females are long and skinny.

Sea monkeys aren't the smartest things you'll know, that's because they don't have a brain! Yes you heard me sea monkeys don't have a brain. Instead of a brain they have groupings of nerves that tell them when to eat, sleep, or chase another sea monkey. So instead of brains filling up sea monkeys heads they have their kidneys up in there. They also have a circulatory system with a heart to move the blood around their bodies. Also these weird creatures breathe through their feet! Another weird fact that...