"The Secret Life of Water Mitty" by James Thurber: Character sketch of Walter Mitty, with a comment on the effect his wife's manner has in his personality.

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The story titled 'The Secret Life of Water Mitty' written by James Thurber is a story depicting the contrasts between the pretend life Water Mitty leads in his day dreams and his real, dominated life. It also reflects his relations with his over bearing wife.

In the story, Mitty's day dreams show him to be a skilled, calm, poised and respected man. He portrays himself as a Navy Commander, a well known doctor, a skilled shooter and a fearless pilot. His dreams are in contemplation of the events that occur in his real life. In the first day dream he is shown given orders which are duly followed by his subordinates who are in awe of him. In his real life, Mitty is bossed around by his wife who reprimands him for speeding doctor who is world renowned for his expertise. This is in contrast with his real life where he is clumsy and unable to do the simplest of things like parking his car.

In the third day dream, Mitty is an experienced, efficient shooter who can shoot precisely even with his hand injured. He is shown mocking the district attorney who is doubtful of his skill. In the real world, Mitty is forgetful and he is mocked by various people like the mechanics who help him take the chains off and the woman on the street who laughs at him. In his last day dream, Mitty plays in the role of a fearless pilot who is not afraid of dying, ready to take on the world by himself. In his real life Mitty is timid and is henpecked by his wife who controls every aspect of his life except his day dreams.

Therefore, we can conclude that Walter Mitty is a forgetful, timid and clumsy man who...