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Axia CollegeOctober 4th, 2009Sedimentary rocks are formed when the deceased organism parts of rocks form sometype of deposits already existed on the earth surface. The Sedimentary rocks also forms fromremains of many living organs and form in a biological process. Sedimentary Rocks makes uponly 5% of the earth’s crust, and at the same time sedimentary has 75% coverage of the earthsurface. A sedimentary rock also is a formation of subsequent accumulation of sediments ofmany different types of rock. In sedimentary rocks the total key is the sediments that is thematerial that is not consolidated from many different origins. The origin is basically fromweathering, erosion and chemical that is broken down from other rocks. Other rocks could be theigneous, other sedimentary rocks or the metamorphic rocks.

Three main classifications has been identified about sedimentary rocks. The classificationsare, Evaporative, Biological chemical, and Clastic sedimentary rocks. On the biological chemicalside, these are form through the living organisms that has become remains.

They then makeaccumulation and is compacted then lithified. Primitive plants that have deposits has a formationof coal, and also shell deposits either for limestone, or coquina. Deposits from the plant materialoften exercise its process in the swampy land area, or basins that sustains a closed fluvial rockbearing carbonate is formed when limestone’s are present. Dolomite and Calcite are dominantminerals. They are mainly located in basins where deposits are. Many Sedimentary rocks that isform through chemical process also have chemical deposits. Chemical sedimentary rocks canalso includes limestone, which can be biological or chemical, gypsum ,and halite, which areevaporates (Boggs, 2006). Evaporates are sedimentary rocks, which are formed from theevaporation of water that has a mineral content that is high like sodium chloride. Formingthrough the inorganic deposition of chemicals through the rich solution of chemicalsthat has its own origin from chemical weathering...