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Shirley MacLaine's Self-Deification In this essay I originally wanted to to discuss what influence the New Age thought has had on celebrities, and what effect these celebrities have had on society. You might ask why I would discuss movie and film stars and their relation to the New Age? The answer is simple; Hollywood celebrities are in the position to greatly influence the masses (but by different methods), and both contain people who you might expect might not need any religious systems since they have successs. However, many of the most successful are the ones who need religion the most, simply because they have achieved success and now find that it is not enough. Since they now turn to religion, we should discuss what religion many of them are turning to, as their viewpoints might have a tremendous impact on society.

Upon reconsideration and lack of resources, I decided to focus on Shirley MacLaine alone, due to the large amount of books she has put out.

She has been such a large celebrity and has had such a large impact on the New Age movement, that I have decided to focus on her alone.

Shirley MacLaine is just about one of most important New Agers today. I compare the effect she has had on the New Age movement with the effect Darwin had on evolution and Chardin(1) had on the synthesis of religion with evolution (high praise indeed!). MacLaine is an Academy Award-winning actress who has spent several decades in Hollywood. In several books she describes he acting engagements and life story, as well as her New Age beliefs.

MacLaine's Upbringing MacLaine reveals that her parents had much of the same religious views as her. MacLaine recounts how her mother supposedly saw her father's spirit leave his body...